How it Works

Workflow for Schools:

  1. Post a project that describes your schools professional learning needs
  2. Receive bids from staff devebpment developers from around the country
  3. Review bids and profiles of staff developers
  4. Select a bid
  5. a. Approve work contract
    b. Input your school or district accounts payable contact information

  6. Message with staff developer to work out exact details about the work and exchange contact information via the “workspace” option
  7. Receive a review code to pass out to your staff so that you and your staff can review the staff developeL
  8. Once the staff developer completes the scope of work, mark the project cornplete
  9. Receive an invoice and pay for the prolect

Workflow for Staff Developers

  1. Create a profile with a Witter, description of your past and present work
  2. Grab your first review from past work – obtain a code and send it along to someone who can review you for a past project
  3. Find the perfect project or receive direct contact from administrators
  4. Submit bids and ask questions via the comments for projects that match your skills
  5. When your bid is accepted. you enter a “workspace’ page with the administrator to discuss content. logistics. and contact information.
  6. Complete the work described in your bid
  1. once the project is marked complete. an invoice is sent to the school on your behalf
  2. Schoolstaffdeveloprnent Will send you payment

Submitting a Bid

write out a full description of the work that you hope to complete for the school. You will
probably want to write about the content, an agenda, structures for the day(s), etc.
When bidding make sure to include travel expenses in your total costs