SchoolStaffDevelopment.com is your online marketplace to match school needs’ with on-site professional learning providers from around the country. Schools post needs, or “projects,” to the site, and staff developers submit competing bids for the work. The best bid is selected by the school and that staff developer works with the school to provide the best professional learning experience possible. After the work has been completed, the staff developer is reviewed by the staff at the school and subsequently receives payment.

Review System

Once a staff developer completes a project at a school, they will receive reviews from the administrator and the staff members they worked with at the school. Staff developers are reviewed on content knowledge, ease of communication, and presentation skills using a five-star scoring system. Administrators and teachers will also leave review comments in order to help future schools better understand the skills and work style of that staff developer.

Why Us?

As a school administrator, you need the right person for your school’s specific needs. SchoolStaffDevelopment.com is your go-to resource to widen your network of on-site professional learning providers. Now, you’re no longer limited to staff development options based on your personal contacts or your local community. At SchoolStaffDevelopment.com you’ll be able to quickly gauge who’s available for hire and who has the specific staff development skills required for your project. In addition to widening your network, our online marketplace will also help drive down the costs of sourcing quality staff developers for your school. Looking to find the best teachers for your teachers? Create a profile, submit a project, and you’ll begin receiving bids from quality professionals!

As an independent staff developer, it’s challenging to finding schools who can benefit from your expertise. Oftentimes your work is limited to only the contacts that you have. Once you find the right school there are contracts, purchase orders, invoicing and it can all feel overwhelming. SchoolStaffDevelopment.com helps to streamline this process. So, you have the expertise and know the content, now you can join the SchoolStaffDevelopment.com team and expand your work potential. Want to maximize your contacts while maximizing your earnings? Create a profile and bid on projects as they pop up on the SchoolStaffDevelopment.com today!